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Surfing the internet safely

December 22, 2013 | Security | Permalink

If you’re about to connect to the internet, you have to protect your pc, otherwise it’s similar to leaving your front door wide open having a big ‘Robbers Welcome’ doormat with your front stage. You’ve almost certainly heard each of the terms – such as virus, hacker, firewall, spyware and a million more – nevertheless […]

Dealing with Runtime Error on your computer

December 22, 2013 | Security | Permalink

Runtime errors are problems or issues that occur when a computer program is running. Because a variety of errors is frequently grouped within the collective term of a runtime error, the computer usually supplies some info on the nature of the error that’s occurred. A runtime error may occur caused by some considerable corruption within […]

Router Transmitting Packets

December 20, 2013 | Networking | Permalink

In a past article we examined the nuts and bolts of what a router did.  We’re presently set to get into a more point by point, and yes specialized, illustration of how bundles are transmitted and in addition various tech specs of how routers function. Internet data, if it be as a page, a downloaded […]

Online Backup, The Simple Value

December 2, 2013 | Security | Permalink

There are lots of reasons to use online backup. The simple fact is that your computer could easily get invaded or perhaps destroyed inside suddenly. The facts are that a lot more people are slipping victim to such an occurrence daily. Online backup would be the perfect solution because doing so allows you the opportunity […]