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A Cool Way to Have a Live Internet Radio Show

January 24, 2016 | Uncategorized | Permalink

There is a lot of time per day that people spend in front of computers and using handheld devices such as tablets and smartphones. In offices with so many people liking different types of music, there is a built in audience for Internet radio shows. You can have an office of any number of people. They each have their own computer, and with earbuds or a headset they can each listen to their own radio show. This potential daily listener pool is what got me interested in ShoutCast hosting service so I could have my own Internet radio show.

I have the content and the talent, I just needed an easy to use Internet radio show interface and servers to hold the music and carry the show. I also wanted a way of uploading a show to play when I am not on the air live. read more →

Hiring a web agency to improve your site’s visibility

May 11, 2016 | Networking | Permalink

The most crucial aspect in running a business online is the marketing technique that you use. You might need to regularly update your site in order to offer prospective customers new things. A web agency will be able to help you in such a situation. They can suggest effective marketing campaigns which can meet the needs of your customers.

The web agency must be able to give you advice about your marketing needs. They will certainly advise that you modify the look of your site so that it looks up to date. You can ask them to install relevant themes for your site. You can also add a blog to your site in order to know very well what the customers think about your website as well as your products.

Having chosen a layout or template for your site, now is the time to pick and choose media which must be used in your website. The web agency can certainly recommend adding images, videos, and animations to make your website more appealing to the visitors.

The most essential element of your site is the content. The web agency must also be able to create unique content so that your website will improve its ranking on search engine result pages. They will use SEO strategies so that your money site can be more inviting to search engines.

Hiring a web agency at to customize your website and improve your marketing strategy can be a good solution. They always provide you with their beneficial service to ensure that your business to be popular online and you will also get increasing sales of your products or services. They will provide you with effective marketing techniques which can draw the attention of the visitors. The web agency ensures that your website would have greater traffic after their service is used.

Fixing your PC issues With Microsoft Live Support

April 15, 2016 | Peripherals | Permalink

PC is a vital piece of regular life; it is abstract how the world moves today with numerous individuals depending on PCs to complete things. You can couple your PC with a projector, gaming console, scanner, switch or printer to make your life less complex relying upon what errands you have close by. Be that as it may, PC glitches are not unavoidable; you will confront specialized issues once in a while. These issues can be baffling and could even cost you in the event that you depend on the PC to keep your business running.
99867At the point when managing Microsoft blunder codes or Windows overhaul issues, the primary thing you are liable to do is attempt to settle the issue yourself or call your nerd companion to attempt and resolve the issues. A few individuals will even pick to take the PC to the closest repair shop to have the issue altered. They are all great choices to get you move down and running, yet you truly don’t have to experience all that exertion with Microsoft Live Support.

Specialized administration suppliers offering Microsoft item support for all clients for the most part have Microsoft ensured experts making up the support group to manage all issues identified with Windows. The live support accompanies various advantages to you as a client, including reasonableness, convenience and lessened turnaround time to alter the issue. The specialists are dependably on standby, implying that you will get the help you require without essentially waiting in line. You likewise know you can keep making the most of your PC notwithstanding when such issues emerge during the evening on the grounds that the live talk support stays open round the clock.

The Microsoft Office support acquires heaps of comfort and takes the unbeneficial endeavors off your consideration. You should simply tap on talk and you will have the accessible specialists, altering your issue or managing you through it effectively. Whether your PC keeps running on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10 or Windows XP, you can make certain to get the help that you require.

These are only a portion of the normal issues your administration supplier can cover, yet the scope, obviously, differs starting with one support supplier then onto the next. The more the supplier can deal with the better they will be even in covering any future Microsoft issues you may confront. The live support takes into account the necessities of individual home clients, little business and IT endeavors and there is a charge for each issue altered. At the point when searching for a support supplier, consider the charges and ensure and in addition the accessible bundles for the support.

CometChat : PHP Chat software

April 4, 2016 | Software | Permalink

CometChat, a PHP Chat software makes it possible for site owners or administrators to do a chat between the operator and web visitor or even between visitors with other visitors. Live chat features is usually found on a lot of sites in e-commerce or social networking sites.

cometchat123The latest trend is to create a social media site for achieving huge popularity instead of just from being profitable. Certainly one of the main facilities required in a Social Networking site is the chat. As the overall solution is to make visitors interact with each other , whether it is a common social networking site such as Facebook , dating site, or even an online community site like forums which focuses primarily on a particular topic. Live chat is a really important element to satisfy your site’s visitors. With chat software installed on the site it makes it possible for the member to communicating with each other straightforwardly then sending private messages to inbox and then looking forward to the reply. Research has revealed that social networking sites users are likely to messages frequently to other users who are online on the chat instead of writing message to a member who is offline.

cometchat321Advantages of CometChat installed on your site

It is a good idea that CometChat software is installed on your social networking site and there are many advantages you will get after installing CometChat on your site as follows:

  • Installing CometChat can save time and money rather than hiring a web developer to create chat software for your site.
  • This chat software is very affordable and if you develop your own chat component it will certainly end up spending much more time and money.
  • CometChat works on all modern desktop and mobile browsers including Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 1.5+, Safari, Opera 9+ and Chrome.
  • Built-to-scale, CometChat adds minimal server load, with either CometService or third-party alternatives.
  • Ready front-end language packs for English, Arabic, French, Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish.
  • CometChat can be installed without any programming knowledge.
  • With this chat software your site’s members can do texting, voice chat, video chat handwriting chat, group chat, group conference, sending files, photos and playing games on your website, their desktop and mobile.

CometChat have been tested by many social networking sites, e-commerce sites and online community sites such as, Saba, Cupidmedia,,, and many others. This Live chat software has been trusted by 3000+ customers in over 127 countries.
I highly recommend you to integrate CometChat on your site since it has quite a great range of options and features that create a great user experience. Get them installed and integrated on your site, in the end you and your site’s visitors will be very satisfied.

Tips For Refilling Ink Cartridges

March 14, 2016 | Peripherals | Permalink

Refilling ink cartridges has become a simple process which only takes some confidence and practice to gain successful results. You will find a lot of companies now offer refill ink and refill kits which are guaranteed to help you save some money over time. Additionally, if you don’t want to experience all the problems of refilling your cartridges, now you can get them refilled for half of the cost of an original cartridge.

You can choose to purchase refilled cartridges from Ciss. You can also try to start saving money by purchasing a refill cartridge or even a refill kit and do it yourself. The print head lifespan is increased through continuous ink supply. Mostly of our CISS and refill cartridges have already assembled auto reset chips. All what you need for the refill process, is included in set. You will need about 15 minutes to refill it on your own if you haven’t done it before, however with process of practice you’ll complete it very fast. The process is not as difficult or untidy as individuals tend to believe. The perception got rolling over many years ago when the refill ink were universal, so there would be a high failure yet, also it persisted even with the improvements in the way things are done.

If you have HP printer you can also try Ciss for HP. This individually refillable ink cartridge allow control of the ink consumption and refilling HP cartridges are convenient and they help make refilling process easy and clean. They come with an illustrated English instruction which is compatible to your cartridge, so they can be a good alternative of original cartridge which has very wide range of refill products almost of all kinds individual assembling of your order. So, if you are thinking about refilling HP ink cartridges, this is the time to save money by purchasing Ciss HP to help you save money on your printing needs.

The CompTIA Network+ Credential

March 8, 2016 | Security | Permalink

CompTIA (stands for the Computer Technology Industry Association) is an international IT certification sponsor that is known for its very successful vendor neutral certification tracks. The most famous ones are A+ for PC Support, Network+ for Network Engineers and Security+ for cybersecurity professionals.

The special value of vendor neutral certification is that it addresses job/career skills rather than just a product. Professionals with this type of certification will have a broader skills base being able to address a variety of issues and situations. Vendor specific certifications (think Microsoft MCSE/MCSA or Cisco) give a narrower but deeper skillset. Vendor neutral certification are therefore typically (but not always) better for entry level professionals. They can be a door opener in the IT field or, again for entry level professionals, a springboard to promotions and a more senior status. The A+ and Network+ certifications do address this segment of the market.

The Network+ is a very popular credential with over 420,000 professionals Network+ certified to date. It is one of the certifications listed under the US Department of Defense (DoD) directive 8570 and so becomes, at times, a requirement for IT professionals working either at the DoD or for contractors to the DoD. Larger companies such as Hewlett Packard, Ricoh, Dell, and several others also recognize the Network+ credential.

Network+ Exam N10-006

Since August 31, 2015 and for another three years or so the only exam available to whoever wants to get Network+ certified is Exam number N10-006. This release is quite a step up from the old N10-005. There is a lot more ground covered especially in terms of network security and forensics. Not only does the N10-006 introduce brand new areas of knowledge but many of the items that the old objectives were specifying for the “awareness” level are now promoted to mastery.Several practice test vendors offer Network+ practice testsuites for the N10-006 exam. The first to market when CompTIA released the new N10-006 exam was CertBlaster.


The prerequisite has not changed. It still is to have CompTIA’s A+ certification “or equivalent knowledge” (you don’t have to actualhave passed the A+ certification).It is also recommended that you have at least 9 – 12months of work experience in networking.

The Exam Objectives

The structure of the Network+ exam objectivesremains similar tothe old exam but the weighing changes a bit. Having said that you can see below that the variations from one main domain to the other are mot huge.

Domain                                                                                                % of Examination

1.0 Network architecture                                                                             22%

2.0 Network operations                                                                                20%

3.0 Network security                                                                                    18%

4.0 Troubleshooting                                                                                      24%

5.0 Industry standards, practices, and network theory                          16%

Important toknow for the Network+ exam

Anything on the long list of exam objectives can become a question on exam day. Having said that some items come up more frequently in the various question banks than others. Below are a few of this type of content that has a larger chance of being part of your exam than not.

Ports and port numbers (and knowing how to match them),

The OSI model (inside out)

Binary to decimal (manual) conversions

IPv4 & IPv6 and subnetting (without calculator)

How to prepare for the exam

How do I prepare for the Network+ test?

Well that depends on what your level of experience and knowledge is before you start practicing for this exam. If you are a highly experienced network engineer then a few weeks working on a Network+ practice test suite will probably be enough. If you are a total beginner that has never done this kind of work before then you will need a real class whether at a school or online. Many schools will provide a Network+ practice test software in the classroom to help students get ready.

Example of interactive question from the CertBlaster Network+ practice test: